A simple lunch

There is no better act of love than to treat yourself to a beautiful and delicious meal, prepared by your own hands; a meal that comes from deep within the heart and nourishes your soul and spirit. There is nobody to impress with elaborate technique or ingredients. No picky eaters to cater to. Feeding yourself is all about you. Nothing else matters.

Lazy Saturday afternoons can elicit cravings for freshly baked dark rye bread, warmed just long enough to create a spongy middle and crispy outer crust. This dark canvas crates a perfect contrast to a soft grassy goat cheese that can be spread against the warm surface of the bread. A buttery sliced avocado adds a subtle richness and freshly picked sweet Thai basil leaves deliver an exotic punch of flavor that will elevate your senses.

Its the simple things in life…..

Happy 3 day weekend!!

When life gives you lemons….

When did lemons get such a bad rap anyway? As far as I’m concerned, life can throw a bushel of lemons straight at me and I will not only make lemonade, but I will feed you lemons all day long

  • lemon curd pie
  • lemon vinaigrette
  • ceviche with lemon juice
  • lemon zest cookies
  • lemon/ rosemary chicken….etc, etc, etc….
  • AND yes, probably lemonade

The way I see it is, it’s not really what life throws at you that is good or bad, but rather how you react to the lemons life sends your way.

So I am drinking lemonade this stuffy spring day in Central Florida. Yes, life threw lemons at me, but who doesn’t get lemons once in a while…Plus I wasn’t gonna let them rot in the fridge!!!

Minty Lemonade

  • lemon juice from as many lemons as you like
  • fresh mint leaves ( as many as you wish)
  • crushed ice over the mint leaves
  • honey, sugar, or stevia
  • water to fill glass

I’m sure everyone can make lemonade, but the minty flavor does pop up if you crush the ice against the leaves inside theĀ  glass with a spoon. =) Enjoy and have a great week!