About me

I’m just a girl who loves food…

Food has always come to me with a serving of family or friends on the side. Always hand in hand, ever since I can remember. To me that is the beauty of food. It is an fantastic gift that has been bestowed upon us, one which we must cherish and guard with care so that other generations can enjoy the joys and pleasures of simple, natural, good food.

I am a culinary student. I began my Journey in the halls of Le Cordon Bleu Orlando last May when I came to the realization that my gastronomic imagination no longer chose to remain within the confines of my tiny apartment kitchen. Armed with my love for food, my desire to discover new flavors  and the magical inspiration that radiated from my grandmother’s kitchen, I made the decision of my life.  Even with the support of the wonderful people around me, it is still difficult to push the negative voices to the back of my head. The voices that tell me to be afraid, to give up. The voices that will never let me forget the overcooked fish, the dough that never rose, and the bland soup.

In this space I seek to map my failures in class and celebrate my sucess so that I can have the courage to follow my dream and continue to share the beauty of good food with all of those whom my words can reach.


6 thoughts on “About me

  1. hey girl, congrads on following your dream. i am still trying to unravel my own dream. its amazing how much you have grown over the years. so proud of you and everything you have accomplished. you are more than welcome to cook for me ANYDAY

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