Eating Barcelona Pt. 2 – Mosquito

Close your eyes and imagine the remnants of a dark, rainy night. The rain is falling slower and slower with every passing minute until there is nothing left but some sporadic shallow puddles and the smell of wet dirt in the air. Rain is not something Barcelona is known for, but when the winter arrives and the drizzle settles in, it can be unforgiving for the unsuspecting traveler. On this particular night of cold rain, we ventured out into the miedeival labyrinth we had become so familiar with already, El Born. We wandered around with the high hopes of finding a bowl of something to warm up our mood!

As we turned onto one of the many winding paths of “El Born”, something hit us! It was the subtle aroma of lemongrass and thai basil dancing a slow dance towards us. We followed the smell towards a small crowd that had begun to converge around a glass door leading into “Mosquito“, Barcelona’s go to place for Asian inspired tapas.

A bowl of wonton soup never figured into our dinner plans before that moment. To travel thousands of miles for Asian food in Spain, when our very authentic Vietnamese community plays it big in the culinary world in Orlando, seemed unthinkable…… But the tantalizing aroma kept pushing and tugging at us. Wait time was an hour but well worth it.

Eat here for a savory wonton soup and unforgettably delicious duck dumplings with a tangy dipping sauce (my personal favorites, but you must try the entire menu). The craft beer selection is diverse with many to chose from (not so common in Barcelona).
There is no doubt that Mosquito’s vibrant and modern atmosphere was a nice break from days and days of Spanish tapas. The food itself was a window into another aspect of Barcelona that before that moment I had failed to observe, its diversity of cultures.

“A traveler sees what he sees. A tourist sees what he has come to see”. – Gilbert K. Chesterton
At the end of the night, this quote resonated in my mind. Why? Its easy to set out into the beautiful city of Barcelona with a list of its many heavily promoted tourist attractions – Gaudi, tapas along the ramblas, and more Gaudi. And while these are an outstanding reflection of the artistic talents that inspire the city, many tourists fail to look deeper towards the people that make up the fabric of the city.

On this particular night, Mosquito offered us a taste of the Barcelona that you will not  often see in tourist guides. Rather, we saw what we saw and broke away from our Spanish tapas routine to  experience just how diverse this glowing city had become!


Courtesy of YELP. Craft beer inside Mosquito.


Courtesy of YELP – Inside looking out.


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