Eating Boston: Food notes of a temporary Bostonian

Flour bakery + cafe holds the coveted title and prestige of being one of Boston’s best bakery. In fact, pastry chef/owner, Joanne Chang, is herself an iconic presence in the world of female entrepreneurs. A trained mathematician from one of the most prestigious schools in the country, Harvard, Chang is to be truly admired for following her dreams of baking professionally and pursuing a career that does not guarantee financial security at all times. Then again, what is secure in this life? Nothing is a guarantee and one must work very hard to become an accomplished person. In Flour’s case, Chang demonstrated that she had what it took to build an iconic culinary empire that exemplifies dedication and excellence.

During a trip to the original Flour on Washington st. in the South End, I basked in the glory of the egg breakfast sandwich. Something as common as an egg sandwich remained imprinted in my tastebud’s memory because the dijonnaise spread mingled so harmoniously with the crispy bacon in my mouth. The spread, with its pungent and assertive mustardy nature was subdued by a bite of fatty bacon. The creamy egg patty between the two created a canvas with a mellow eggy flavor that married all of the ingredients together. The sandwich was held together by two slices of freshly baked ciabatta bread with wonderful flavor and a rustic aroma. I washed everything down with the perfect cup of coffee and cream and a small bite size tart. While not overwhelmingly sweet, it served its sweet ending purpose.
Everyone who comes to Boston should definitely stop by and grab something to eat. I know I will definitely come back for Chang’s famous sticky buns, I just need someone to share with!


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