An Adventure Begins

Today a new adventure begins. An adventure which will transform me into a completely different person. An adventure that has been my whole life in the making, and will now both challenge me and shape my future self alike.

With two hours of sleep and a lot of caffein in my system, I managed to get out of bed on Saturday morning, kiss my husband goodbye for the next three months, and fly 1,200 miles north to brave the cold while I pursue my latest adventure. The anxiety would not let me sleep, after all, Boston, Ma. is a city that I certainly cannot afford. And yet, I had to push away my fears. However, those stubborn negative thoughts that managed to linger despite my best efforts….well those were tackled one at a time; is my landlady crazy?, is my coat warm enough (5 years in Florida erased any knowledge I might have had about cold weather attire), and the list of nagging questions continues, way too long to recount and yet, very very real.

I arrived to Boston and discovered my landlady does not own a coffee grinder ( a fear that briefly crossed my mind) for the pound and a half of coffee beans that I lugged all the way from Florida. My world seems to fall apart in the mornings before I get my much needed caffeine shot. Thus, until i find away around the fact that i refuse to pay $35 for a top of the line grinder because I’m too frugal, I’ll have to deal with my bitchy, snappy self all on my own, or hit up Goodwill. Im sure my husband is ecstatic about the fact that there are one thousand plus miles between a moody me and himself…. But I digress….

I’ve come to Boston to participate in an internship with America’s Test Kitchen, an internship which will diversify my skills and make me a better chef. I am excited because I can see my food philosophy evolving in just a few short years of culinary practice. Because America’s food philosophy is evolving as well, we are beginning to notice that people no longer want fast, greasy food. We want real food from local farms. Food that will nourish us and make us a healthier nation. Because this demand for fresh, local, healthy food has only started to emerge on a mass scale in the past few years, chefs around the country have realized that they play a pivotal role in this movement. Myself included. This is why I am passionate to work in a food magazine that teaches its subscribers how to cook real food. As a chef, I want to use my platform as a food professional to guide this nation into a healthier, more sustainable future. One where obesity and its many health related problems are obsolete and food is THE medicine of choice. One where food is cherished for its nutritional content. Most importantly, one where the entire food system is respected and sustained.

Thus I find myself in Boston, unsure of what tomorrow will bring. The only thing that is certain is that I will keep an open mind and try to absorb everything that this beautiful ( and expen$ive ) city has to offer me. I am making a great sacrifice, but I know it will make me a greater person.


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