Vapid Monotony

I have been tucked away in a hole that I dug for myself for the last three months. However, life is good and I took the leap of faith to leave that hole in search for some sunlight!! J-O-Y.  All metaphors aside though, I have learned a very important lesson; as a chef, when you find yourself in a place where your days are filled with monotony and nothing ever changes for you ( even though change was promised) for the love of life, GET OUT. Vapid monotony in the kitchen is the perfect way to kill your very last ounce of passion.  It should not take all of your effort to walk in through the doors of your kitchen in the morning. You should skip into the kitchen brimming with ideas and inspiration. you should love what you do.

Today it became official, I will no longer work in the kitchen that I’ve been working for in the last year. I was doing the same task day in and day out until I got burned out.  However, not all my passion for food is lost, I am full of great ideas for my blog, and with the help of friends and family I wish to get inspired even more.
Cheers to a new beginning and an unknown tomorrow!


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