Reflections on food

As I sit here, typing away my thoughts, there is a batch of onions caramelizing in a sweet and sour bath of balsamic vinegar and brown sugar in my kitchen. Later, these will taste amazing on a lentil burger with rosemary aioli that I plan to cook up for dinner. Whats the occasion, you wonder? Life is the occasion. Life is happening and with every passing moment, food nourishes our bodies with delectable flavor combinations and textures that endlessly pique our culinary curiosity. Isn’t it one of the most amazing gifts to humanity that we can savor the often complex marriage of flavors with a palate that only we enjoy? We have the artistic ability to create ornate dishes that have the power to  live in our memory for many years. Often these memories are rekindled as we eat our favorite foods over and over again.  Food is a beautiful gift indeed.

I’m cooking this meal as I unwind from a long day of work……in yet another kitchen, making the raviolis, the gnocchi, and the handcrafted pastas that will enliven the appetites of the crowds looking for an unforgettable meal tonight.


One thought on “Reflections on food

  1. Life is reason enough. I’m reading a book by Ruth Reichl who talks about stories in her childhood and food. Really great read so far. Rosemary aioli sounds amazing! I just finished up lemon basil aioli I made yesterday.

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