A dose of inspiration

As I walked along the oak lined walkways of Leu Gardens yesterday, I took in a dose of spring inspiration. The breeze was brushing against my cheeks and the sun was softly kissing my skin, spring had arrived to Central Florida.  To mark its arrival, the city of Orlando holds an annual plant sale inside the Harry P. Leu Gardens.  Walking amongst so many vendors who love nature and plants just reminded me of my father, who established his own gardening business many years ago in order to break free from the chains of an employer. With a lot of inspiration and much more hard work, he was able to provide for  the family.  I am inspired because I want to break free from those very chains as well.   I love food with a passion but the industry can become very uninspiring when you deal with budgets, long hours, and chefs who take their workers for granted. This is why lately I’ve been thinking a lot about my potential and a future working for myself. I am lucky to be surrounded by people who encourage me to be a go getter and follow my passion. I am also grateful to know others who have ventured out on their own and are ready to reap the benefits of being your own boss.

And so ideas have been brewing in my head and I will begin to work hard to do what I truly want to do with food which is to teach others how to respect and love food; to help everyone I come across with understand the importance of knowing where food comes from and to start creating a sustainable food culture in the community.

And so I emerge from a dark period of writer’s block ready to spill my thoughts onto my keyboard and to keep documenting my endless adventures with food!

Here are some of the beautiful pictures from my walk through the gardens yesterday and some more food pics…

Florida Oranges


Dinner with friends

Save room for dessert: Fruit tarts with a vanilla cream filling



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