Sweet Bites

Yes!! You made it to the weekend and now you deserve a reward for all the hard work you had to put in during the week. And lets face it, the best rewards out there are the ones that have to do with food, specially sweet food.There is this amazing show that airs on Sunday on NPR, it is called Splendid Table.  In this show, host Lynne Rossetto Kasper talks about all things food. SHe also receives calls from listeners asking her for tips on cooking some of the most basic ingredients. Her tips show just how vast her culinary creativity can be.  About two weeks ago a caller was asking her how to use up some grapes. I was blown away by her suggestion to roast the grapes. I don’t know why I had never tried this but it was a fabulous idea.

Since I have a surplus of grapes, I decided to freeze half and roast the other half. I added some basil buds to the roasting tray and just drizzled a bit of olive oil. I roasted them until they became nice and wrinkly with a strong sweet aroma from the caramelization.   Roasting them really brings out the sweetness, its delicious.  I decided that these grapes would taste amazing with a soft goat cheese. because the goat cheese has an acidic taste, the intense sweetness of the roasted grapes would balance it out. I fitted some filo sheets (found in the frozen aisle of the supermarket)  into mini cupcake pans by cutting out circles with a cookie cutter, then I spooned in the goat cheese and the grapes, careful not to overfill.   I baked at 350 degrees F until the filo sheets turned a golden brown. That’s it, a very simple 3 ingredient dessert that will show your weekend house guests just how creative food can be. The best part is that it is no extra sugar was added, all the sweetness is natural thanks to the red grapes!  Below are the pictures of my sweet grape bites baked to crispy perfection. Oh and I must warn you, they can be addictive, so plan on indulging! Enjoy.


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