Healthy chef tip

I like to think of myself as a fairly healthy eater/cook. Now, that can either send you running as far away from me as possible, or lure you straight into my kitchen where I will probably be cooking something relatively healthy. I am also a dessert junkie, I need to have it after every meal. In order to keep up with that obsession I do little things here and there to trick myself into thinking im having dessert. This past weekend my friend Rhea reminded me of a delicious way to enjoy grapes, FROZEN! It’s as simple as that, you wash them, put them in a ziplock bag and when it starts getting too hot outside, just bring them out and pop’em in your mouth. It seriously feels like you’re eating a frozen otter pop.

Grapes were on sale today at my local market, so I’m expecting to do a lot of grape experimenting in my kitchen this weekend!

Oh, and one more thing, you know how they say to never trust a skinny chef? Yeah, total lie!


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