A Delightful Sunday Brunch

Ah, Sunday is here again. The last day to relax before the hustle and bustle of a new week begins. Sunday is the day when you sit back and wish it was still Saturday because a mere 2 day weekend was not enough to do all the things listed on the astrononomical to do list that we anxiously create throughout the week. Well, it is also a day to sit back and just relax. Sleep in, have coffee twice, make breakfast, and treat yourself like no other day of the week.

Leave it up to me to be whisking my morning away as I prepare hollandaise sauce on this Sunday morning. And since Florida weather is still being bi-polar ( we’ve had mid 80s weather all week, then freeze warning on Sunday morning), I decide to have to have my coffee, extra dark roast, twice, followed by the perfect breakfast, eggs benedict.

For those who do not know this, I have a serious obsession to certain foods, some days I can’t help but succumb to the dainty fluffiness of a macaroon ( good thing I run like a mad woman). Other days I can’t help but to indulge on the healthy foods. And then there’s eggs benedict. With its toasty english muffin, perfectly poached egg, and tangy hollandaise, it is the perfect canvas for the culinary artist in all of us. It is also a very complicated dish where technique must be perfectly exectued to avoid curdling disaster or over cooked yolks (nooooooooooo). Tragic! Me and the hubby join forces when we prepare this and while I whisk the crap out of my egg yolks and butter to make the sauce, he concentrates on the poaching, which I must admit he does a hell of a job at it. I have trained him well. Today we were feeling a bit eh, mediterranean, and so we added all the usuall suspects, artichokes, kalamata olives, and garlicky grape tomatoes. The end result was so delightfull that we both agreed the worse part about amazing food is eating it all and having no more to enjoy…….


Mediterranean eggs benedict. Enjoy your Sunday!


3 thoughts on “A Delightful Sunday Brunch

  1. Agreed. As a traveler, I love trying foods from all over the world and after enjoying an excellent meal like your mediterranean eggs benedict, I am sad when my plate is clean. Cheers to good eats.

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