The week in pics

A lot was learned, but I am anxious for the weekend so I can finally get to play with my new pasta roller, spend time with friends, and run the 5k that I’ve been training for. Happy Friday!


Scaling and rolling pizza dough

Mushroom pizza inside the Italian wood oven

Servers in action

Extruding rigitoni

Making bigoli pasta for the week

Parsnips & Thyme


2 thoughts on “The week in pics

    • Im really glad you liked the pictures. Actually, I just use my iphone because I take most of them while I work. We have bright lights before service, but once doors open for dinner they dim the lights and thats when iphone pics tend to get blurry. I really got to enjoy rustic Italian food since I started working with it recently. It is very comforting and has a sort of warmth about it. I’ll share some recipes when I get around to play with my pasta roller : )

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