Fun in the kitchen

I was looking through my photo album and found a couple of pictures that reminded me of just how much of a kick I get from being in the kitchen!

This is a gnocchi dish that I made several days ago. Gnocchi is a potato dumpling typical of Italian cuisine. It consists of potato, (boiled, peeled and milled),eggs, and just enought flour to hold it together into a stiff dough. They are so delicious with sage and brown butter.

These were made to satisfy my friend’s potato cravings. She really enjoyed them… Although, while she was helping me roll the dough into dumplings, she did mentioned she would not make them on her own, too time consuming. Haha, that is definitely fine with me, as long as there is wine I’ll be doing all the rolling!


This traditional French fruit tart is my favorite pastry of all time. It has a sort of elegant simplicity to it, which makes it perfect for special occasions like Christmas and other get togethers. I really love that you can play around with the fruit to decorate in a very unique way. I’ll tell you, no two fruit tarts ever look the same.



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