Huevos con chorizo

Nothing says comfort food to me like a big Sunday breakfast of eggs with the mexican sausage ” chorizo”. This was a staple in my home back in El Paso, Texas when I was a little girl. Sunday was the day when my aunts and uncles crossed the border from Juarez, Mexico to take care of their shopping needs for the week and so they stopped at my parent’s home for the ritualistic Mexican Brunch.

One thing is certain about most Mexican food, it is SPICY, so this was no exception in my home. While my aunts and uncles heated the freshly made bread that was brought over from the little Mexican panaderias ( bakeries), my mom prepared a killer scrambled eggs with chorizo dish. And she was serious about the heat! In Mexican cooking tradition it is said that when you make something really hot and spicy, the cook was really pissed off. So the spicier the food, the angrier the cook was when it was prepared. It’s actually kind of scary if you think about it!!!

So my mom must have been a really pissed off cook but her food was so delicious that deep inside you could taste all the love that Mexican moms put into their food.

This Sunday morning  I was missing my family and our Sunday breakfasts together. And while I do not eat the chorizo sausage that I find down here in Florida, I knew that there had to be a way to bring those smoky flavors to my morning egg scramble!  A little chilli powder and some TVP (textured vegetable protein) satisfied the craving.

To make  super easy, guilt free vegetarian chorizo I simply boiled some water, added a 1/2 cup of tvp crumbles ( see picture below) and allowed that to simmer for 5 minutes. I drained the tvp into a cheesecloth lined strainer.  Once drained completely, I placed cooked tvp into a metal bowl and added various chilli powders. Since I really wanted smoky flavors I used chipotle powder, then some cayenne, cumin, ground fennel, salt, and just a tiny bit of Jamaican curry powder. I mixed well and in a non stick pan ( the one used for my eggs) I sautéed mushrooms, onions, jalapenos, and finally added some of the seasoned tvp and cooked until the tvp began to form a crust. This gave it a nice crunchy bite. Then I added my eggs and a little salt.

Wow, try those eggs with a piece Puerto Rican pan sobao ( sweet white bread), and your day will be complete!  Of course, I do miss the traditional Fresh chorizo that is made in my family’s northern Chihuahua ranch just as the pig gets slaughtered, and the vegetarian version does not compare, but I like to reserve that for those very special occasions when I get to visit them.  For now, the smoky flavors and spicy notes from the chilli will have to do. Happy Sunday!

eggs with veg chorizo

veg chorizo seared to create a crunchy crust

TVP used for veg chorizo


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