Welcome 2012!

Yes, I am a week late but nonetheless, I welcome this new year with arms wide open and a heart full of hopes. One of the first things in my agenda is to add more content to this blog and in the process to find out more about my culinary point of view by sharing my food experiences with anyone who is just as passionate about food as I am.

Since my last post, many things have changed in my career. It took a 180 degree turn when I decided to leave my old job in search for new challenges.  I certainly found them about a week later when I started working in a Rustic Italian food restaurant where I am learning the basics on making all types of traditional pastas. Although the hours are long and the work is backbreaking at times, I see this as an opportunity to grow. It is all about growing and keeping up with the current trends in this industry. All these changes have prompted me to create a 2012 culinary bucket list with different foods and techniques that I wish to explore in the coming months!

  • Pickling
  • Broths
  • Pasta making
  • Roasting
  • Classic French Pastries
  • Preserves

So here is to 2012, a year of growth, love, friends, family, and lots of great food!!



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