No More Chef…

It has been a week of turmoil and uncertainty at my workplace. Exactly a week ago the management at the restaurant where I have been working and completing my externship for the last 6 months decided it was absolutely necessary to get rid of the creative force behind the contemporary Tex-Mex menu that stood out among all the rest of the run of the mill Tex-Mex in Central Florida. They got rid of our talented chef. Now, the kitchen is left without the culinary direction that distinguished it from any other cheap establishment, and I, as a profesional culinarian, have lost a great teacher from which not only did I learn technique, but also determination and passion.

There is uncertainty for me because I don’t know if I should leave this establishment in search for new challenges where I will learn and grow towards my goal of becoming a chef one day or if I should weather the storm and keep a secure job…

On the bright side, this happened just as I was completing my final hours of culinary externship and now I am officially a graduate of Le Cordon Bleu. However, it is always scary to move on from the familiar. I will begin the search for a more challenging position, but for now, just keep looking at the bright side of the day! Happy Cooking!


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