Chocolate Attack!! Part 1

The power of suggestion, as a dear friend of mine put it yesterday, is indeed powerful, for lack of a better word. You see, I have been a big stress mess since returning from my San Francisco vacation because everybody else at work seems to be taking that much needed fall time break. When you work in the hospitality industry, travel does not happen during the usual summer and winter months, nope, we get to be the tourists during some weird month like October or April. Since so many people at work seem to be going out of town this week, I have been pretty much on call, not knowing when I am going to go in or if I will covering some else’s shift.
Well, coming back to the power of suggestion. During a much much MUCH needed meditation session last night, our teacher kept referencing cheesecake. I am not exactly sure why it belonged in the conversation then, but all I could think about for the rest of the evening was a decadent slice of the sweet creamy goodness. I have a rule about sweets. If I want to indulge, I need to bake them myself. So this morning, my craving for cheesecake had evolved into a more persistent need for CHOCOLATE, and so I made chocolate ganache torte.

I pulled out my baking textbook from the bookshelf, wiped off the dust, and began skimming the pages for ways to make it crumbly, soft, moist. Then I remembered a tip from a wonderful chef at school. Before using a packaged ingredient such as beans, rice, grits, etc., he would advise us to read the back of the packaging for recipes or other serving suggestions. These are usually fool proof, tested recipes that can be used as a base for cooking that ingredient. And so I pulled out my King Arthur cake flour box and found a basic chocolate cake recipe. Ofcourse, the folks over at King Arthur don’t go into detail about making sure the butter is at room temeperature when you incorporate it into the sugar during the creaming method so that it can create better air pockets. Nor does it warn against overmixing the batter which will create a much denser cake, but the recipe does give an accurate formula that will work for most home bakers.

I have pulled my chocolate cake out of the oven and now I am waiting for it to cool completely so that I can pour the chocolate ganache over it. I plan on spiking my ganache with Grand Marnier for added ump!!! If my cake comes out moist, decadent, and perfect, the way I envision, I will share my recipe step by step so you too can be a chocolate cake rockstar. If it becomes a big goopy fail, then what the heck, its still good, its chocolate!



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