Contemporary Cuisine

With 12 more weeks left of school, I have never been busier in the kitchen. Since I got a new job at a locally owned upscale Tex-Mex restaurant in the quaint little town of Winter Park, Florida, I’ve barely had any time to be anywhere other than the kitchen. But even though I spend about 12 hrs a day inside a kitchen, I am very happy and lucky to be learning from two great chefs.
At work I have the privilege of working with a Chef who has many years of experience and has been featured in the top food magazines for his creativity and delicious sauces. Since it is a restaurant that has many Mexican inspired dishes, I have learned how to use chillies in salad dressings, rubs, and in numerous other ways.
At school, I’m currently taking a contemporary cuisine class where we explore modern day food issues such as food politics, sustainability, and food allergies. Our chef has his own personal Chef business and so he knows first hand that these are issues that the modern chef will have to deal with on a daily basis. This is my favorite class in the program so far because we get challenged to such an extreme that we must ditch the traditional cooking ingredients like butter, cream, eggs, and meat and replace them with vegan ingredients. No other class has ever made me think so much.
Cooking vegetarian meals for myself was what inspired me to become a chef to begin with. I started to explore the endless culinary possibilities and discovered that food is an artistic manifestation from the soul. There is no greater joy than eating something delicious. Likewise, there is nothing more important than eating.
These are all the culinary creations that I’ve created during my contemporary cuisine class.


Gluten free pizza made with rice flour.


Vegetarian eggplant lasagna

Vegan blueberry corn bread with strawberry glaze

Vegan saffron corn chowder

Eggless tofu scramble with crispy potatoes and toast

Preserved lemon cake with cream cheese and pistachios ( not vegan)


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