Learn something new everyday

I found this amazing book neattly tucked away in the corner of the local Goodwill store. I have been learning such incredible facts about food from it, from the ripening process of fruits and vegetables to the chemical reactions that take place during frying.  It is magnificently written to help easily understand what it is that happens to food when we store it, prep it, cook it, and even what takes place before its ever picked.  It is true what they say that in order to be a better cook, you must know your food thoroughly. I highly recommend it. Even if you’re not a cook, it is very well written and entertaining.


Random Fact

” Potatoes grow in the dark…when stressed (by being exposed to too much light, they begin to produce chlorophyll and a substance that is toxic that’s design to protect them from predators. Even after being dug, a potato lives on,  still trying to avoid being eaten” ( pg 60).

Store your potatoes in a cool, dark place. Perhaps in the pantry, but not inside the fridge or on the counter top.


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