Catering And Buffet

Lately I have been extremely busy preparing for my catering and buffet class at school. I am certain that I will learn so many useful tricks in here because I am interested in going  into the business of catering after I graduate. The class is set up into 5 buffets , one per week.  Each buffet is themed, for example this past week we had our first buffet which was themed hors d’oeuvres and canapes.  We prepared a buffet style meal for the entire school throughout the week and presented the final banquet on Friday. The menu: Foie gras mousse tartlets with cherry chutney,  cucumber roundels with smoked trout mousse, gravlox on rye bread, prosciutto with melon balls and cream cheese, scallop ceviche, smoked duck breast with blue cheese cream and mandarin oranges, and deviled eggs. The deviled eggs had to be produced by everyone in the class, so we all created a deviled egg platter with different flavor profiles.

Our Chef instructor is of great help when it comes to product fabrication. He helped us with little tricks and tips to keep the food fresh for the big buffet day on Friday.

I am having such an amazing time in this class. Next week is soup and salad week.


These are some of the items in the menu


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