Vacation Time

So, I will be extremely honest here, Christmas break kind of sneaked up on me this year. I was so happily baking in class all fall and before I know it practicals are coming up and then 2 weeks of no baking?? NO! I have so much fun in my pastry and baking class that it is almost sad to know that today will be the last day. When I come back in 2011 I will be confined to a nutrition studies class without the hope of producing food for 6 weeks.

One thing I am happy about is having gained so much knowledge that I never even though existed. Baking is such an inspirational skill because you become the creator. You are given a flour, sugar, cream, milk, eggs, yeast, baking soda, butter, and YOU direct the actions of these ingredients to produce whatever your imagination desires. Perhaps the most mesmerizing thing about baking is the knowledge of the ingredient’s function, as every single ingredient has a specific and very scientific purpose that must be measured out with exact accuracy. To me the most mind-boggling aspect of baking is the fact that this has been around for hundreds of years, even thousands for breads. Now, in the age of the ipads, pods, and macs, ofcourse we expect our food to have this level of scientific explanation behind it, but in an era when electricity is not even a vague idea, how did we ever comprehend the function of yeasts on breads, or the complexities of the different baking temperature and moisture levels required to create the crusty crust of the baguette. A true art and science definitely.

I am very grateful to life to have allowed me the opportunity to merely peak into this beautiful world of baking. What I have learned during these last 6 weeks will certainly help me during my career and I am sure I will make many people happy during the holidays when I bake baguettes, focaccias, and pies for them!!

Here are some of my baked creations. These made many tummies happy. Of course, eating them made me run many miles as well. But I enjoy that!

Apple Frangipane Tart


Chocolate Ganache Cake


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