Who wants peanut butter cookies?

When I was sitting in front of the admissions officer of Le Cordon Bleu back in April, he asked me which program I wanted to enroll in; culinary arts or patisserie and baking. I immediately thought to myself  “D-U_H! Of course I want to enroll in culinary.” What I did not now back then that I have come to learn in my few months in culinary school is that I have a new respect for baking. Bakers are scientists with an artistic touch. They take care of every single detail, from the molecular level to the aesthetics, they got it all covered. For that, I think they deserve a big round of applause.

I am now taking a baking class which is designed for culinary students. This class touches up on the basics such as working with yeast doughs and making quick breads, cookies, danish dough, pizza dough, and other relatively simple techniques. This has been enough to spark my desire to come back after completing my program and getting my patisserie and baking diploma.

For now however, I am having the time of my life making delicious cookies in class. As we were wrapping up for the night (a bit earlier than usual), chef comes into the kitchen and asks, ” who wants peanut butter cookies?” I don’t understand why that is even a question….of course everyone wants peanut butter cookies, ALWAYS!  Everyone in the class was in the mood to make, but more importantly EAT peanut butter cookies.

Do try this at home, they will be delicious.

The following recipe has been taken from “Professional Baking 5th ed” Wayne Gisslen

Peanut Butter Cookies


  • Butter 12 oz
  • Brown sugar 8 oz
  • granulated sugar 8 oz
  • peanut butter 12 oz
  • eggs 4 oz
  • vanilla extract 2 tsp
  • pastry flour 1 lb
  • baking soda  0.16 oz


1. Cream the butter, sugars, and peanut butter together in the mixer with the whip paddle.

2. Slowly add eggs and vanilla extract. Mix thoroughly

3. In a separate bowl mix the baking soda and the flour together

4 Add into the mixer and keep mixing at medium speed until the flour incorporates into the rest of the dough

5. With a spoon scrape off the sides to make sure you get everything in the mixture. Don’t let any go to waste.The dough should be thick and rich. The picture below is my cookie dough from class.

6. Using an ice cream scoop, scoop out the dough and place it on a parchment paper lined sheet pan or you may grease the pan to avoid sticking. Make sure the dough balls are placed about 3 inches apart.

7. Press down lightly on the cookie with the bottom of a fork and form a criss cross shape, this is done to flatten the dough and so that it may help the cookie bake evenly and have a crispier end result. Bake at 375 °F for about 11-14 minutes.

8.Enjoy =)


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