So Fresh in New York!

About a month ago I had the wonderful opportunity of traveling to NYC for the New York Marathon with my husband. After 26.2 miles of amazing sightseeing, we set out to explore the streets of the city with one goal in mind; to eat delicious food.

I believe that food is the door to experiencing a culture. Food can tell you the tales of a group of people simply by the aroma and textures of their cuisine. It is an exhilarating experience to taste something for the very first time and let your imagination run wild about its origin, its discovery, and the people who eat that ingredient.

New York, being the cultural hub that is it, provided the greatest food tasting adventure I have had in a long time. I was able to capture some of the great eats found in NYC.

If you eat in New York, a big slice of cheesy, greasy NYC pizza is a must. If possible, eat on a bus for the ultimate urban experience!

One of the lessons that the big city taught me was to never make dinner plans. One morning, as we got ready for the day, we conjured up a complicated dining plan. We were to explore the popular landmarks that NY has to offer and as the evening came, clumsily maneuver our way through the tangled web of a subway system until we got to our final desitnation, Brasserie Cognac, a French restaurant for which I had a coupon. I had never heard of this place, but for the sake of saving 33% on our meal, we decided it was worth the effort.

Ofcourse, we did not think we would find a cute little farmer’s market in the middle of Union Square. Not only did I try warm apple cider from locally grown apples for the very first time, but we also found some other baked goodies that made us forget all about the Brasserie.

Brussel Sprouts

A rainbow of culinary delight.

Purple potato focaccia with parm

So fresh in the big city


spinach, mozzarella, and marinara focaccia

Mr. Squirrel decided to join us for dinner.

I am now back home in Orlando, Florida. For the most part, I have been catching up with school days that I missed during my trip, but I have been inspired to create many delicious things after having  taste of New York. Let’s see what inspiration my baking class will bring!


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